What we do

Our team creates valuable marketing content and distributes it to where the audience exists. We talk about the passion, knowledge and values of companies in such a way
to make them a success on the market. Our marketing credo is: the right content first.

We have to confess something to you. Until recently, sales meant for us establishing good relations with clients to whom we were recommended. Of course, we are not going to give up this form. But we already know that building credibility and visibility on the Internet simply pays off. We want the same for you.

The online and offline worlds are increasingly intertwining. That is why our team believes that the image of a modern company should be equally hybrid.

Our "why's"

First of all, we want to distinguish our clients by showing their values that make human life a better experience. In addition, we have a deep need to work creatively and see the sense of the results we achieve. We love working with people and for people. In addition, we highly value brands that respect the environment and local communities.

Grupa Fabricum team

We’ve been working together for a long time. We are united by loyalty, openness and partnership relations. The diversity of experience and competences makes Grupa Fabricum team ready for challenges. We will support your brand building projects at any stage. Let’s get to know each other!



A talented content marketing expert who knows the secrets of various social media; experienced animator,
creator and producer of team building programs.


She successfully conducts various types of non-profit projects, creates creative content for social profiles
and cares about the artistic side of events, too.


Event manager who loves challenges, designer of games and integration scenarios, guide and animator.
His extensive experience also includes the implementation of exhibitions and educational projects, as well as recordings for online publications.


Co-owner and head of the company. Passionate about all forms of valuable communication and learning
for a lifetime. Words are her favourite medium, no matter spoken or written. Ideally they should be used to create interesting stories.