Facebook - 5 golden rules of a good post

There is a set of rules of thumb to be followed if you want to create a good post on Facebook. While working on our clients' profiles we distinguished a few of the most important rules thanks to which we manage to increase the visibility of our publications and the engagement of viewers.

1. Facebook is power

“We had a strong quarter as we helped people stay connected and businesses grow,” – Mark Zuckerberg

In the latest quarterly financial report, Facebook, Inc. from 2021, there was room for interesting statistics about the users themselves. According to the available data, in March an average of 1.88 billion Internet users actively used Facebook every day.

This number is almost unimaginable, but let’s try to reflect it. Take Poland, for example, with its current population and multiply it by ..50. Yes! All these people log in, read and view materials written by other users every day. The numbers speak for themselves, and you’ll find a full link to the report at the end of this article.

It is easy to predict that it will be more and more difficult to reach new Facebook audiences. So how can you stand out in this mass of information? How do you make other people scroll down your board stop at your photo or post? The answer to this question is by no means simple and could fill the content of an entire book. But today I will focus on 6 main principles that I consider to be key to achieving the above-mentioned goal. I will add right away that some of them are also worth using in everyday correspondence and in creating content also for other social media.

2. Have an idea that amuses, surprises or amazes and engage users

In fact, to create a good Facebook post, you need to use your creativity and imagination. Think about the different aspects of everything related to your brand. Has anything interesting happened today?  A thousandth customer has crossed the threshold of your store? Someone gave you a great rating? Maybe a funny association related to your craft came to your mind? Do you want to show off a new offer, share a change introduced in the company? How will you do it to make Facebook users pay attention to you? Maybe it will be a kind of a challenge, a spontaneous video with your own interpretation of the hula dance, a surprising quote from a movie, a quiz, or maybe a commentary on some popular news?

The post can be controversial. In some circumstances, this is a great advantage. However, there are limits to what is allowed. Posts that violate someone’s personal rights, full of hate or vulgar, simply break the law. The rest of the limits are set by your imagination. Remember, however, that the disgust of the users after one fatal entry can bury your brand, in some cases developed over the years. It’s because  bad news spread several times faster than the positive ones. Unless you know how to control the scandal and use it as a tool avoid too much controversy.

If you’re asking for the most viral post idea we’ve seen recently on the Polish Internet, type the word “lagun” (exact spelling) into the search engine. A funny mistake provoked an avalanche of creative memes and ..increased the sales of French pastry croissants! 😀

A good viral content evokes an instant association in the readers’s mind, leading him directly to the essence of your message. Have you ever wondered why Facebook was flooded with photos of cute kittens? Because they evoked strong emotions in specific audiences. Does it mean that you have to massively post photos of cute pets on your fan page? Of course not. There are no simple recipes for success in social media. However, there is one truly specific rule there – the less boredom, the better for your brand. And there is one “but” as well: you can’t please everyone. But you don’t want to make the entire population on Earth happy, just your current and potential customer community, do you? Therefore, the second golden rule of a good Facebook post is:

3. A carefully selected target group.

pionki zielone, żółte i czerwone

This principle is the foundation of effective marketing and an absolute “must have” of each entry. You ‘d rather not open a package which is addressed to you, would you? It’s the same with a Facebook post. If you do not devise a strategy to reach your target group in advance, you will not gain their time and attention on the Internet. If you are a stationary seller, you will not need to search for buyers on the other side of the country. And a resident of Gdansk will not devote his time to an article about your offer available at a point in Cracow (unless it is also available on line).

Facebook offers some useful tools for targeting your ads to a specific audience. However, before using them, make sure that the content regarding your product or service is interesting for those who, due to their age, interests, place of residence or life situation, could become your customers. How to find this out? First, create a persona, that is, imagine and describe your most typical client. Is it a manager of a larger company, a sedate retiree, a young woman or, for example, a teenager with a passion for sports? Then find a similar person in your environment – preferably from 100 to 1000 such people – and …ask him (or them) for their opinion. Here again Facebook comes in handy: you can ask your question to the appropriate Facebook group.

4. Headline or first sentence – the most important part of your content

The title is a very important part of the entry. Its role is to encourage the reader to stick to the main content and even click further to go to the landing page. And here is a dilemma – to use clickbaits (specific copywriting formulas that have a greater than average ability to encourage readers to click on a given title) or not?

Yes, there are bad clickbaits, but there are good ones, too! The latter do not waste your recipient’s time and have something to do with the text you are writing about. Specialists analyze the most frequently used phrases, words, and even motives and intentions in order to create even better headlines and to reach even more recipients with these introductions. The authors of the BuzzSumo.com platform (link to the report at the end of the article) made a very interesting analysis, showing which headline constructions met with the greatest interest of readers. And so, among the phrases that are most frequently clicked we can find such as: “X best ways to ..”, “How to make X to achieve Y” etc.  In conclusion, the most popular titles are these, which we think they cover simple recipes for solving a given problem or puzzle. Conscious or not, we almost all get caught up in this trick! The above-mentioned BuzzSumo.com report also compares the most effective headlines on Twitter and Facebook, so it’s really worth reading.

5. Visual aspect of the post is crucial

Let Facebook users see you. Therefore, remember about the appropriate form of the post, and in particular about the readable text format, the appropriate length of the entry, the so-called CTA (Call To Action), and above all about adding other media (graphics, video, sound).

The original and most basic form of communication – text – is attracting less and less attention (sad but true). Currently, the essence of the message is an image intended to arouse the recipient’s willingness to further engage in the rest of the content. Remember that the algorithms are inexorable: you need to use video, animations, photos, or even the simplest graphic highlighting of the text. Facebook gives you a lot of possibilities, such as live streaming, infographic, carousel or a survey, so that you can enrich your message. Of course, we do not have to double and triple each post to be of television quality, but it is worthwhile to “shine” from time to time, especially when we want to distinguish a particular publication.

Let us return to the text for a moment. Watch out for its length. Facebook allows you to place even very long entries. The limit is 60,000 characters, which is over 30 pages of standard text. Though I don’t think any Facebook user would want to read the whole book-length entry. An effective and optimal post is a relatively short text – from 40 to 140 characters. Can you convey the essence of your message in such a short paragraph? Here are two tips:

  • Help and show the reader what to do. If you sell antything, you probably know how to use a CTA (“buy now”, “see more”, etc.) in your advertising texts. The process of making a purchase decision takes longer for your customers? Don’t be afraid to use a CTA (Call To Action) anyway. Encourage the reader to any other interaction in a similar way: to read other articles about your offer, contact your company’s advisors by phone, make a reservation or subscribe to a newsletter.
  • When they see you, that’s how they read you. It is worth considering the appearance of what you’ve wrote. An only aligned block of text will not find many recipients, so it is worth trying to add accessories that will make the form of publication more attractive. Use emoticons and bullets. Write in short sentences, split paragraphs and sections. If, using the above tips, you diversify your post so that it becomes easier to digest, the reader will be more likely to click “see more”.
6. Correctness and clarity of the style

Trivial, isn’t it? And yet many people who run their Facebook pages on their own forget this simple rule. First, write correctly. Spelling or punctuation errors effectively discourage reading and, unfortunately, diminish importance of the content quality. Use relatively short sentences and as simple words as possible. Customers don’t like to be embarrassed by the fact that they don’t understand something. Super sophisticated, expert language is not needed to build your reputation as a professional in your craft. Have you read the book “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” by Neil DeGrasse Tyson? I recommend it, not only to astrophysics fans. It is worth seeing how an outstanding scientist and expert in his field conveys specialist knowledge in an ingeniously accessible way.

7. One image is worth more than 1000 words of text

The image reaches our brains faster than the word. This is why a photo, graphic or video are so important to the visibility of your post. If you have such an opportunity, use your own photos or order them especially for you. Not only will you avoid the legal dilemmas related to the license, but you will also be unique. If you use photos from stocks (online photo banks), check with Google how many times the photo has been published on the web and what type of license you are dealing with as a publisher.

Decide on photos taken in a specific scenery, showing the satisfied user of your product or service. Such visualizations will be perceived as more authentic than those created in the studio. Here is an example of an advertisement for a Polish clothing company Blueshadow and a photo of a model wearing the same dress. Are you more convinced by a picture taken on the white background or by the seashore? For me the latter:

For Facebook users, the most important thing is the subject of the image and its emotional value. Bright, eye-catching colors are better perceived, and the “Instafriendly” value is the best recommendation. Keep it simple and do not be afraid of applications that support the processing of graphic files. If your business type allows it, ask your clients to post photos of them on your profile. Also use graphics dimensions adequate for Facebook:

Cover photo: 820×312;
Profile Photo: 320×320;
Vertical photo: 640×960;
Horizontal photo 1200×900;
Graphics on fanpage 1200×900;
Facebook story: 900×1600.

Of course, you have the option of downloading a photo with different dimensions, but then the program will suggest its own way of cropping the image and you will have very little opportunity to modify the algorithm’s choice.

8. In conclusion

It is impossible to create a valuable post without thinking about its most important elements: the target group, topic, readability and graphic design. If you are considering a professional approach to your brand, it is worth taking the time to learn how to publish your posts. There is a lot of knowledge on this subject on the Internet. And if you don’t have the time or willingness to bother yourself with this kind of activity, nothing is lost. Entrust us with running your fan page and we will build your visibility in social media step by step.

Materials and articles used:

Facebook Inc. Report 2021

BuzzSumo.com article

HR board game

How to rebuild your team after the pandemic

In order for your company to recover as quickly as possible after the pandemic, you need to organize a team re-building event for the staff. If employees renew positive relationships and gain confidence in each other, many of the pandemic-caused team performance difficulties will disappear.

Last year was specific. The pandemic of the new virus and the related restrictions affected the activities of companies from all industries. Employees whose physical presence at the company’s premises is not absolutely necessary do not see each other on a daily basis. They fell into remote work mode: constant communication through headphones and screens. Problems of isolation and non-integration of employees seemed minor at the start of the pandemic. Now they are among the most important factors disrupting the smooth operation of the company. It turns out that the tasks performed so far efficiently and quickly, under the new conditions are carried out by the same people for much longer. Fortunately, we can see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. And it’s high time to tackle the effects of home isolation by returning to corporate integration events. Below you can find a few ideas on how to do this

Team building, but how?

At the beginning, a few tips on how to plan the integration in your company properly. First of all, if we want to see its positive effects, we should tackle this task strategically. First, by examining the preferences of colleagues at work. However, I sincerely advise against parties in the style of “The Wolf of Wall Street movie.  A spree until the morning, with an open bar and memory lapses, is not enough to integrate the team. I suggest that you take a moment to think about the purpose of the integrational activities, and then plan their program. Therefore, we need to answer a few questions:

  • What people does your team consist of?

Young people would prefer something connected with challenge. They also like physical activity and emotional sensations experienced together. Senior staff would probably choose a more balanced integration, e.g. joint recreation, travel, exploring new places, facilities, crafts or culinary adventures.

  • What do you expect from an integrated team in our company?

This is a very important question. We want to integrate the team that is constantly in contact with clients as part of its tasks, differently when it solves problems creatively, and still differently when the work is imitative. It is worth remembering that good team integration is an event that is organized as a form of spending free time among colleagues; it is supposed to be pleasant for them, and at the same time – subtly but effectively, to meet the goals we care about.

Examples of good integrational events

It is good to choose an activity that is attractive to employees. I know it’s a truism, but it’s important. A lot of people just won’t come to boring parties, they shirk them for any reason. Well, in this case, how to integrate the team with an attractive event, effective in operation and preferably at a low cost? Here are some examples:


Workshop activities are a great form of integration for a small team. It is also a unique activity, difficult to repeat without the help of a specialized company. Workshops can be of different nature:

  1. Creative workshops – if you have a team whose members emphasize the need for self-realization, but do not find it in active competition – this is a great choice. Such workshops are relaxing and at the same time develop manually. Composing a forest in a jar, creating your own soap or bath salts, preparing Christmas gifts and decorations or pouring (a form of abstract, spontaneous painting that you can try without any painting skills):
  2. Thematic workshops, enriching knowledge about lifestyle and culture – are a choice for people who like to discover the world and broaden their horizons. It is also an excellent choice for employees with more experience who have high expectations. I can give you an example of wine, beer or whiskey tasting workshops, or thematic workshops that take place in specialized museums, factories or ateliers.
  3. Collaborative workshops, strictly focused on team building – most often found in the offers of team building companies – I leave this example of integration for the latter part of this article, because it is worth exploring a little bit more. Enough to say for now that it most strongly implements the goal of integrating the team into work, and is less related to fun (although it would be ideal for good fun to be combined with with team building). All  “relay races” and obstacle courses to be covered by competing teams belong to this category. This group also includes workshops with the use of competitive multiplayer games, requiring close cooperation from participants in order to achieve an overarching goal.

Speaking of games, we are entering the world of really demanding, but also the most engaging integrations.

City, field and other games

plansza do gry planszoej z czerwonymi pionkami

If you want to maintain high motivation in a young and dynamic team, choose the most interesting attractions for them. Let integration events for the Y generation have many options to choose from. Let it take the form of a game so they can win something. Simple but not so obvious, isn’t it?

Our company implements three types of integration games:

  1. An escape room game – it’s a very entertaining way to spend time together. You have to think about the puzzles a bit and rely on the deduction of other team members, because there is little time and a lot of tasks. If you choose one room for more folks, they will have to be divided into smaller groups. But thanks to this it will open up the possibility of comparing the results of the teams.
    2. City games – this is quite a wide topic, because the only limit in creating its scenario is your imagination. This form of integration allows you to learn about the company location’s environs, its genesis, history, mission, brand personality, core values and so on. It is interesting that city games are gaining more and more popularity. Especially now, when the pandemic has limited our ability to travel.
    3. Role-playing games – this is the type of game which involves the participants in some kind of fictional story. Moving in space is not as important as the actors – animators who play roles of specific characters. Here, an example can be a criminal puzzle, for the purpose of which employees play the role of investigators, and animators play the role of witnesses describing the case. After such integration, apart from vivid memories, there are also fantastic photos the result.
Team building is an essential tool to improve your company’s performance

I have only indicated a few options for integrating people returning to stationary work. Of course, there are many other attractive forms of spending time together, such as trips to unusual places, meetings with exceptional people, interactive theater performances, etc.

After the pandemic remote work will partly remain as an alternative form of working. For some employers it proves to be an attractive alternative, especially for those, who deal with the people’s complaints about lack of comfort in large open space offices. However, where the company’s tasks require cooperation, good communication and quick information sharing, teams will be happy to return to their original workplace. Their reintegration will prove to be an indispensable element of restoring the previous level of the company’s performance. Since good team building is not an easy matter, I recommend contacting specialized companies like us. Then you will get the appropriate benefit for your company from the integration, and not just spend money. You are strongly welcome to look through our portfolio.


Social media marketing? Let's start from the beginning

photo: freepic.com/wayhomestudio

It’s high time for social media marketing! According to the Digital Poland 2021 report, as many as 45 percent of Polish internet users declare that they check brands on social media before buying their products or services, and a quarter of users learn about new offers there. The users check credibility of brands by asking others about their experiences and believe these opinions more than claims made in any paid content.

Show me your Instagram and I’ll tell you who you are

Today, while standing in the queue to the checkout in one of the DIY stores, I happened to examine the contents of someone’s basket and think: “Oh, someone will be putting new tiles, and the suspended ceiling is getting ready …” It is puzzling that while looking at someone’s shopping basket we can predict with a high degree of probability what plans, preferences and habits this buyer has. Is it the same with social media profiles? Perhaps by browsing someone’s account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linked-in, we are able to get to know the company better than from its offer on the official website www. Is the content of the company’s fanpage enough to trust it? Your customers think so.

The impact of the company’s Internet content on choosing its product or service.

Today we can find the necessary information, customers, partners, all products and services on the web. On the other hand, it is a thicket that is difficult to get through on your own. So we use from search engines and other services organizing data according to their visibility, topic, popularity, etc. Among them, social media plays a key role: they connect people with similar tastes, willing to share their views. Meanwhile, ad vendors keep repeating that what matters is more paid content to publish. This is not the whole truth. Without a budget, you can also compete for the attention of Internet users by publishing higher-quality content.
So what is it? It brings the intended results. In the world of social media, the quality of posts means something different than on a blog or in a company newsletter. Not every factual text, image or video will interest Facebook’s audience. If you are not starting corporate marketing communication as a specialist, the beginnings of your profile will be a pure experiment.

But even then, the reactions of your profile audience need to be analyzed regularly. Post ranges, likes, comments, and shares are interrelated. These dependencies result from specific conditions of a given platform and you need to know them in order to increase your sales with the help of social media.

If you are not on social media, you don’t exist.

Sometimes the thought of your own company profile is scary, but in a short time it will become so familiar that it will complete your overall marketing plan. Of course, I’m not saying that the profile is a “must have” of the coming season, because, for example, a small cafe has to show off coffee patterns on its Insta to gain new customers? Well, it doesn’t have to. But maybe… In addition, this fairly simple method will bring her many benefits.

The year 2020 and the raging pandemic have strongly “stirred” the world of advertising and marketing. Many brands have moved their activities online, outdoing each other in online creativity. Would anyone have thought before about creating an almost four-minute ad? This is way too long. However, this year Apart company ventured into a Christmas spot of this length. And it immediately got loud, not only in the marketing industry.

Can you really read Facebook like an open book?

We are well aware that smiling photos of beautifully made-up women mean work for at least a few hours for the entire team: first at the session, and then with the appropriate graphic processing of the recorded material. Not everything on the Internet is honestly true, but a creation that does not try to pose forcibly natural is also a value. The real power of social media comes from the fact that you don’t have to coat everything to win someone’s sympathy. First of all, good ideas count and a skilful mix of paid and free options. A well-run social media channel is a real treasure that increases the company’s recognition and helps in reaching a growing group of potential and actual customers.

If you love what you do, bragging about it is easy.

There is no need to create and maintain multiple accounts on different portals right away. First of all, think about your goal and what you would like to convey to potential customers above all else. Any social media expert will tell you that it’s better to focus on one channel and publish regularly on it, rather than creating several profiles at once. Too many channels can distract your audience and cause your pages to be updated too infrequently, or worse – duplicate the same content (watch out for algorithms!). Unfortunately, it will be of no use to you, just frustration that you are not getting results despite the time and energy invested. If you assume in advance that you can not do it, you can always think about the appropriate course. You can also leave your brand in the hands of specialists.

The agency will guide you through the most important processes, from creating profiles to their ongoing service, along with advertising campaigns.

Where is it worth showing up?

This, of course, depends on the specifics of your business and target customer segment. Facebook is still number one in the world. However, in Poland he was chased away by… You Tube. Does this mean that every entrepreneur should become a YouTuber from today? Certainly not. Like Instagram, YouTube isn’t a platform for everyone. And if you run a related business with a physical location, you would rather choose Google My Business over Tik-Tok. However, as a business consultant, for example, you will consider building a reputation on portals such as Quora or Linked-In. Their content is known to a much smaller group, but very valuable recipients.

Know your purpose.

Apparently, the most popular, “viral” content in social media is the opposite of substantive publications. However, this does not apply to all users of these portals. On each of them you will find factual profiles full of useful and knowledge-rich materials. They reach specific niches. For such profiles, it is not the reach itself that is the main goal, but the reaction of the audience. When posting on social media, remember your own realistic assumption. Don’t compare yourself to the biggest. In social media, the most important thing is to be aware of who is to reach us and what our intention is towards them. Do you want them to remember you? Did they buy something right away? If you follow your own strategy, your publishing efforts will pay off quickly.


e-marketing vs personal sales

Digital marketing underestimated by entrepreneurs 40+?

photo: freepic.com/wayhomestudio

Many entrepreneurs 40+ emphasize the advantage of personal customer relations over digital marketing while talking about their sales achievements. Let’s check how much validity there is in their most popular arguments.

1.The current pandemic has caused Internet fatigue

Partly true

because not everyone is fed up with staying online. As the result of present pandemic millions of people just have discovered the great possibilities of the digital network. The Internet is growing rapidly. The dissemination of new digital tools has significantly lowered the costs of many projects and provided us with a relatively convenient substitute for the real world. Of course, we miss the latter, but it is in our nature to make our life more and more comfortable. To sum up, the Internet stays and has never been as good as it is now!

2. In B2B personal selling is more effective than online, because I have much better relationships with the customers

True, as long as:

you have a highly sophisticated, elaborate and profitable product for a specific, niche segment of customers. In such case a few transactions make a big difference. Or you set yourself goals other than business development.

If not, it’s time to acknowledge that the Internet has long since buried telemarketing and much of the personal selling process. The key word is automation. Obtaining leads has become much faster. As a result, this process can take place on a much larger scale. How much time you have spent so far to work out the actual sales level? Have you made lots of contacts, in person and by phone? And one more thing: on the Internet, you measure and analyze the behavior of  your site viewers on an ongoing basis. Meanwhile, in the offline world, you struggle to find out what happend with your potential customers who no more answer your calls.

3. I cannot build lasting relationships via the Internet


Remember, there is another living person at the other end of the plug. It’s truism saying that people constantly exchange informations, views and opinions on the net. It certainly concerns also services or products from your business area. Therefore, by smart use of social media and other online tools, you are able to attract attention and create valuable relationships with clients. In addition, virtual contacts can be in specific situations  more effective than offline ones. For example, visiting a special interest Facebook group, you don’t waste time on polite conversations about the weather (unless the weather is the group’s main interest). You just focus on the main subject and things happen much faster.


4. You can’t trust a company over the Internet


By operating online, you have less time to build a face-to-face relationship, indeed. But it does not mean loosing your customers’ trust. On the contrary: a good website, blog, social media channels allow you to present evidence of your great performance. Lots of potential recipients are looking exactly for such products or services you offer. You just have to convince them that it is you who has got the best offer. You can support yourself by putting an appropriate headline, video recording, testimonial of a happy client and so on.

5. It is better not to enter social media, because they are addictive and interfere with privacy

True, although 

for the vast majority of businesses, giving up use of social media would be clipping their wings. Of course, social networks threaten anyone who indiscriminately spends long hours on them at the expense of other activities. That is why relevant education is so important; especially in case of the youngest and least experienced users. Remember, however, that the great impact of these platforms translates into revenues for millions of companies around the world. According to the report “Digital 2021” (We Are Social & Hootsuite), more than half of the world’s population uses applications such as Facebook or YouTube, and more than a quarter of their users look for the products and services there. Brands, from the smallest personal ones to corporate giants, create entire strategies of presence in social media. Can you afford to lose such potential?

6. The Internet is only good for selected industries


If you do not believe in the power of the Internet, you do not give customers a chance to get to know your offer before they physically reach your spot. Moreover, there are almost as many niches on the Internet as there are users, and the choice of marketing communication tools is really rich. Therefore, success does not depend on the industry, but on the target group of customers and the chosen strategy of winning the market. Today, there is no longer just one only right way to stand out and gain an advantage over the competition. The Internet definitely widens marketing opportunities and becomes a key ally for companies.

To sum up,

even if personal sales works perfectly in your professional field or business model, it is worth getting to know the possibilities of the online world. Activate your online marketing as a foundation on which you can base ambitious sales goals. If you want to know different aspects of effective e-marketing keep visiting our blog.