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Facebook – 5 golden rules of a good post

There is a set of rules of thumb to be followed if you want to create a good post on Facebook. While working on our clients' profiles we distinguished a few of the most important rules thanks to which we manage to…

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HR board game

How to rebuild your team after the pandemic

In order for your company to recover as quickly as possible after the pandemic, you need to organize a team re-building event for the staff. If employees renew positive relationships and gain confidence in each…

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Social media marketing? Let’s start from the beginning

photo: freepic.com/wayhomestudio It’s high time for social media marketing! According to the Digital Poland 2021 report, as many as 45 percent of Polish internet users declare that they check brands on social…

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e-marketing vs personal sales

Digital marketing underestimated by entrepreneurs 40+?

photo: freepic.com/wayhomestudio Many entrepreneurs 40+ emphasize the advantage of personal customer relations over digital marketing while talking about their sales achievements. Let’s check how much…

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