Business and ideals

Both small and large companies face a new challenge. It is the increasing ethical awareness of customers. People ask: does this brand support the light or the dark side of the Force? They discuss it on social media and with the lady in the grocery store. So, what important values ​​do you share with your customers? Tell them what is important to you, and they will repay you with greater loyalty. It’s high time for responsible business and public relations tailored to the nature of your company.


How do we help?

First of all, creating company communication strategies through values. Do you want to go a step further and start a pro-social project? Great! We will support you in its implementation. We can also represent your brand to a partner non-governmental organisation. Do you have your own NGO? We will support it with marketing and public relations activities. Why choose us? We have the relevant experience. For 14 years we have been dealing with a key non-profit project of the Manufaktura Center in Łódź: the Factory Museum. Do you want to know more about this project?


Selected portfolio

Our biggest project is currently related to corporate social responsibility. We also took care of this element while we carried out team-building events for our clients