Many entrepreneurs 40+ emphasize the advantage of personal customer relations over digital marketing while talking about their sales achievements. Let’s check how much validity there is in their most popular arguments.

1.The current pandemic has caused Internet fatigue

Partly true

because not everyone is fed up with staying online. As the result of present pandemic millions of people just have discovered the great possibilities of the digital network. The Internet is growing rapidly. The dissemination of new digital tools has significantly lowered the costs of many projects and provided us with a relatively convenient substitute for the real world. Of course, we miss the latter, but it is in our nature to make our life more and more comfortable. To sum up, the Internet stays and has never been as good as it is now!

2. In B2B personal selling is more effective than online, because I have much better relationships with the customers

True, as long as:

you have a highly sophisticated, elaborate and profitable product for a specific, niche segment of customers. In such case a few transactions make a big difference. Or you set yourself goals other than business development.

If not, it’s time to acknowledge that the Internet has long since buried telemarketing and much of the personal selling process. The key word is automation. Obtaining leads has become much faster. As a result, this process can take place on a much larger scale. How much time you have spent so far to work out the actual sales level? Have you made lots of contacts, in person and by phone? And one more thing: on the Internet, you measure and analyze the behavior of  your site viewers on an ongoing basis. Meanwhile, in the offline world, you struggle to find out what happend with your potential customers who no more answer your calls.

3. I cannot build lasting relationships via the Internet


Remember, there is another living person at the other end of the plug. It’s truism saying that people constantly exchange informations, views and opinions on the net. It certainly concerns also services or products from your business area. Therefore, by smart use of social media and other online tools, you are able to attract attention and create valuable relationships with clients. In addition, virtual contacts can be in specific situations  more effective than offline ones. For example, visiting a special interest Facebook group, you don’t waste time on polite conversations about the weather (unless the weather is the group’s main interest). You just focus on the main subject and things happen much faster.


4. You can’t trust a company over the Internet


By operating online, you have less time to build a face-to-face relationship, indeed. But it does not mean loosing your customers’ trust. On the contrary: a good website, blog, social media channels allow you to present evidence of your great performance. Lots of potential recipients are looking exactly for such products or services you offer. You just have to convince them that it is you who has got the best offer. You can support yourself by putting an appropriate headline, video recording, testimonial of a happy client and so on.

5. It is better not to enter social media, because they are addictive and interfere with privacy

True, although 

for the vast majority of businesses, giving up use of social media would be clipping their wings. Of course, social networks threaten anyone who indiscriminately spends long hours on them at the expense of other activities. That is why relevant education is so important; especially in case of the youngest and least experienced users. Remember, however, that the great impact of these platforms translates into revenues for millions of companies around the world. According to the report “Digital 2021” (We Are Social & Hootsuite), more than half of the world’s population uses applications such as Facebook or YouTube, and more than a quarter of their users look for the products and services there. Brands, from the smallest personal ones to corporate giants, create entire strategies of presence in social media. Can you afford to lose such potential?

6. The Internet is only good for selected industries


If you do not believe in the power of the Internet, you do not give customers a chance to get to know your offer before they physically reach your spot. Moreover, there are almost as many niches on the Internet as there are users, and the choice of marketing communication tools is really rich. Therefore, success does not depend on the industry, but on the target group of customers and the chosen strategy of winning the market. Today, there is no longer just one only right way to stand out and gain an advantage over the competition. The Internet definitely widens marketing opportunities and becomes a key ally for companies.

To sum up,

even if personal sales works perfectly in your professional field or business model, it is worth getting to know the possibilities of the online world. Activate your online marketing as a foundation on which you can base ambitious sales goals. If you want to know different aspects of effective e-marketing keep visiting our blog.