Two editions of Bluetrip team building and tests of a cooperative game 2018-2019

Usually, when planning a corporate integration program, we embedded it in a specific theme. This meant “moving” the client’s team to some distant place or era.

The Blue way of integration

Meanwhile, the specific needs of the Bluerank team required a different approach. At Bluerank, the emphasis is on a good working atmosphere and individual development and high motivation. Therefore, instead of creating a leitmotif for the entire event, we focused on a wide range of activities to choose from.

Our solution

We organized two editions of the annual “Bluetrip” training and integration trip, in 2018 and 2019. Our attractions program on Bluerank team building included, among others, an outdoor game, agility and survival competitions, “medieval” plays, artistic workshops, a game show on the company knowledge, a dedicated board game. We also organized recreational activities, from a bicycle trip, through canoeing, to an evening cinema “under the cloud”. The blue team improved their professional knowledge, exercised creative thinking and effective communication. But the main goal of the group was to spend some time together and enjoy it. Both editions met the objectives. The extensive program, full of different options, helped the employees get to know each other and integrate better. The result was their greater commitment to later teamwork.

A board game testing

The Bluerank staff rated our team building program very well, so we met again. We organized a series of a business competence game testing  with a group of corporate talents. Ultimately, it was considered great material to build an innovative HR tool.

All in all, the time spent with the Bluerank team definitely belongs to the most inspiring and creative experiences in our event organizing history.