Costume role-playing game - realization November 2017

What is LARP? In English, it stands for Live Action Role-Playing, it means a combination of a role-playing game with an interactive theater. During the game, participants, having a specific role to play, try to complete the main task before their rivals do. The course of the game is supervised by a master, who is often one of the heroes of the plot himself. The LARP formula can be used to create an exciting team building program.

Knightly Middle Ages

The event we designed was for the participants – and for ourselves! – great fun, but also a challenge. We moved the plot of the game to the Middle Ages, to a knight’s castle. In the courtyard of the Golub fortification, knights in shining armor fought, and gloomy court intrigues took place in the chambers. The castle courtyard was also filled with merchants and craftsmen from the outer ward. As if the emotions were not enough, everything took place in the shadow of the threat of meeting an executioner under torture. The players could not avoid the encounter with the witch and the vapors of her forbidden magic, and when it was dark – they had to endure the company of a melancholic ghost: a Golubian white lady.

Amazing setting

We undertook the reconstruction of the knightly intrigue, the realities of the former fair and the atmosphere of a medieval feast with knights from the befriended Uniejów brotherhood. LARP as a form of team building activity is undoubtedly one of the most exciting methods of integrating teams. We have a lot of fun organizing each role-playing game. However, this one was an unforgettable experience for all participants. This was due to the special conditions we had thanks to the possibility of using unique costumes and the real, historical scenery of a medieval castle.