A series of videos and podcasts on the Museum of the Factory social media

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been moving the Museum activities to the Internet. We have started with an online vernissage of the exhibition of posters by the famous graphic artist Michał Batory. The exhibition was organized by the Alliance Francaise association in Łódź, with the Museum as one of selected partners.

Then, we made a series of several short films presenting individual sections of the core exhibition. This video series, called “Secrets of the Museum of the Factory”, started the process of recording events that had to go without the physical participation of the audience.

Currently, we publish them on the social media profiles of the Museum (especially the YouTube channel and Facebook fan page), on Spotify for podcasts and on the official Museum website as well.

The history of the virtual factory

Producing multimedia for the museum started many years ago.
Already in 2010, together with the Yoicik Group, we developed the first website with a modern visualization of Manufaktura monuments: the Virtual Factory. Until 2018, the website was available at wirtualnafabryka.com.

At that time, the three-dimensional presentation of the complex in Flash technology was awe-inspiring. Thanks to its innovativeness, the project was then nominated for the finals of the “Łódź Proposes” competition.

A few years later, we produced a professional advertising spot for the Museum with the help of Exit Films studio. A picturesque video with the use of a drone shows not only the interior of the exhibition, but also the monumental nature of the entire historic Manufaktura. To this day, it can be easily found on the museum website.

Culture available online

Today, video materials are created more often and faster, with a view to maintaining constant contact with people interested in visiting the place after quarantine. The audience learns that the exhibition still operates, although closed to the public for some time. An equally important goal of the “Mysteries of the Museum Online” series is to attract new audiences. Only thanks to the visits of new guests the Museum has got a chance to revive the level of attendance it used to record before pandemic.