The Museum of the Factory  manager since 2007

The Museum of the Factory is our longest-running CSR project. As part of it, we promote the history of Manufaktura Center in Łódź (Poland). We support our client’s image as a brand that cares about timeless values.

In 2008 Manufaktura received the prestigious Maxi Award for the Museum’s pro-social activities. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) appreciated the program we introduced as an exhibition operator.

Until today, we provide customer service and maintenance of the Museum. We animate cultural life, educate school students, and communicate online with the audience.
The latter became especially important during the pandemic.

Content marketing for the Museum

In the field of marketing our tasks include creating multimedia content that popularizes various themes covered by the exhibition. We are also active on social media channels – Facebook, You Tube, Instagram – and constantly update the website

How we bring the Museum’s activities online – you can read HERE.

History of the place

The exhibition propagates the history of Manufaktura Center as one of the largest and the most recognizable monuments of Łódź. Our guides are great at introducing visitors to the turbulent times of the former textile plant.

In connection with the display, we integrate former employees of Poltex – the last fabric manufacturer in the history of the factory complex. We have recently started working closely with the association “People of the Factory” (“Ludzie Fabryki” in Polish) founded by them.

Cultural life

Also, we carry out many artistic events for the Museum. We have created several dozen temporary exhibitions. Some of them we organize together with befriended non-governmental organizations, universities and schools. We also conduct lectures, discussions, workshops and sightseeing walks.

The Factory Museum offers venue rental, a museum escape room, and activities for children. We sell books, souvenirs and gadgets related with the local heritage.

As a result, our city’s inhabitants and incoming tourists appreciate the historic Manufaktura and rate it as a great place of interest.