A city game, script and team building service all rolled into one. Online version coming soon!

For the purposes of tourism and company events, we have created a costume show in the form of a game. It is an attraction for people who adore gangster stories, criminal threads and strong emotions. The plot of our story takes players to Lodz of 1920’s and 30’s (the so called interwar period). More precisely, the content of the game refers to a well-known character from the underworld of Łódź – the Blind Max, also known as “Al Capone of Łódź”. His gang controlled primarily the poorest, multilingual Bałuty district. Players enter this confusing world as allies of thieves. Though they risk a lot, they are much more tempted by the prospect of a valuable reward…

The mobile game

We are currently preparing a digital version of the game combined with theme sightseeing routes. We are redesigning it for the needs of individual users. Soon we will make it downloadable to a tablet or smartphone. We are also working on advertising films and a website dedicated to this project.

Almost a thousand players have already followed the trail of the Blind Max. Maybe it’s time for you, too? If you are interested in organizing a group version of this city game, or developing another game scenario , please contact us. For individual players, follow our company blog, where we will keep you up to date on this project.