It’s high time for social media marketing! According to the Digital Poland 2021 report, as many as 45 percent of Polish internet users declare that they check brands on social media before buying their products or services, and a quarter of users learn about new offers there. The users check credibility of brands by asking others about their experiences and believe these opinions more than claims made in any paid content.

Show me your Instagram and I’ll tell you who you are

Today, while standing in the queue to the checkout in one of the DIY stores, I happened to examine the contents of someone’s basket and think: “Oh, someone will be putting new tiles, and the suspended ceiling is getting ready …” It is puzzling that while looking at someone’s shopping basket we can predict with a high degree of probability what plans, preferences and habits this buyer has. Is it the same with social media profiles? Perhaps by browsing someone’s account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linked-in, we are able to get to know the company better than from its offer on the official website www. Is the content of the company’s fanpage enough to trust it? Your customers think so.

The impact of the company’s Internet content on choosing its product or service.

Today we can find the necessary information, customers, partners, all products and services on the web. On the other hand, it is a thicket that is difficult to get through on your own. So we use from search engines and other services organizing data according to their visibility, topic, popularity, etc. Among them, social media plays a key role: they connect people with similar tastes, willing to share their views. Meanwhile, ad vendors keep repeating that what matters is more paid content to publish. This is not the whole truth. Without a budget, you can also compete for the attention of Internet users by publishing higher-quality content.
So what is it? It brings the intended results. In the world of social media, the quality of posts means something different than on a blog or in a company newsletter. Not every factual text, image or video will interest Facebook’s audience. If you are not starting corporate marketing communication as a specialist, the beginnings of your profile will be a pure experiment.

But even then, the reactions of your profile audience need to be analyzed regularly. Post ranges, likes, comments, and shares are interrelated. These dependencies result from specific conditions of a given platform and you need to know them in order to increase your sales with the help of social media.

If you are not on social media, you don’t exist.

Sometimes the thought of your own company profile is scary, but in a short time it will become so familiar that it will complete your overall marketing plan. Of course, I’m not saying that the profile is a “must have” of the coming season, because, for example, a small cafe has to show off coffee patterns on its Insta to gain new customers? Well, it doesn’t have to. But maybe… In addition, this fairly simple method will bring her many benefits.

The year 2020 and the raging pandemic have strongly “stirred” the world of advertising and marketing. Many brands have moved their activities online, outdoing each other in online creativity. Would anyone have thought before about creating an almost four-minute ad? This is way too long. However, this year Apart company ventured into a Christmas spot of this length. And it immediately got loud, not only in the marketing industry.

Can you really read Facebook like an open book?

We are well aware that smiling photos of beautifully made-up women mean work for at least a few hours for the entire team: first at the session, and then with the appropriate graphic processing of the recorded material. Not everything on the Internet is honestly true, but a creation that does not try to pose forcibly natural is also a value. The real power of social media comes from the fact that you don’t have to coat everything to win someone’s sympathy. First of all, good ideas count and a skilful mix of paid and free options. A well-run social media channel is a real treasure that increases the company’s recognition and helps in reaching a growing group of potential and actual customers.

If you love what you do, bragging about it is easy.

There is no need to create and maintain multiple accounts on different portals right away. First of all, think about your goal and what you would like to convey to potential customers above all else. Any social media expert will tell you that it’s better to focus on one channel and publish regularly on it, rather than creating several profiles at once. Too many channels can distract your audience and cause your pages to be updated too infrequently, or worse – duplicate the same content (watch out for algorithms!). Unfortunately, it will be of no use to you, just frustration that you are not getting results despite the time and energy invested. If you assume in advance that you can not do it, you can always think about the appropriate course. You can also leave your brand in the hands of specialists.

The agency will guide you through the most important processes, from creating profiles to their ongoing service, along with advertising campaigns.

Where is it worth showing up?

This, of course, depends on the specifics of your business and target customer segment. Facebook is still number one in the world. However, in Poland he was chased away by… You Tube. Does this mean that every entrepreneur should become a YouTuber from today? Certainly not. Like Instagram, YouTube isn’t a platform for everyone. And if you run a related business with a physical location, you would rather choose Google My Business over Tik-Tok. However, as a business consultant, for example, you will consider building a reputation on portals such as Quora or Linked-In. Their content is known to a much smaller group, but very valuable recipients.

Know your purpose.

Apparently, the most popular, “viral” content in social media is the opposite of substantive publications. However, this does not apply to all users of these portals. On each of them you will find factual profiles full of useful and knowledge-rich materials. They reach specific niches. For such profiles, it is not the reach itself that is the main goal, but the reaction of the audience. When posting on social media, remember your own realistic assumption. Don’t compare yourself to the biggest. In social media, the most important thing is to be aware of who is to reach us and what our intention is towards them. Do you want them to remember you? Did they buy something right away? If you follow your own strategy, your publishing efforts will pay off quickly.