Valuable customer relationships

For many companies, social media channels are the first battlefield for customers. Choosing the right platforms, profile strategies, posting tactics, optimization of paid campaigns are important processes that need to be given a lot of attention. Prefer spontaneous posting? Check where and what activity will pay off in your case. Social media marketing is gaining in importance because only in Poland there are more and more millions of social accounts each year.

Why us?

For many years we have been running several profiles for a brand with traditions. We’ve made it through tough beginnings and are up to date with what is happening
in the world of social networks. Our specialists are people who are committed to following current trends not only on the web, but everywhere, where marketing serves business.


Social media ninja

If you think the best solution is to handle your profiles yourself, we’ll help you get started. We will create a strategy of your brand visibility on the selected platforms. First of all, we will recommend the ones  best suited to the nature of your business. You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, maybe Tik-Tok? Certainly not all of them. Then we will create post, campaign and user interaction strategies tailored to what you want to convey to your potential audience. This will help you develop your content creation skills much faster and you will reach a new group of customers by yourself.

Profile consultation

If you want to verify your fanpage or the content of planned posts, order their audit. We will verify whether the materials you have prepared have the potential to engage recipients and where it is best to publish them. We will suggest what you can do to extend the life of your publications and how to deal with negative comments.
Do you have a question? During the conversation, we will give you the first tips for free, and you decide if you need further consultation.


Selected projects

Currently, our flagship projects go far beyond social media activity, but incorporate this element as part of a larger marketing service. We come out from the event industry that requires great creativity. During several years of activity, we have completed many orders, where the image of employers was the key aspect. Hence, in addition to conducting typical e-marketing activities, we know how to convey customer content in integration games and as part of an event.