In order for your company to recover as quickly as possible after the pandemic, you need to organize a team re-building event for the staff. If employees renew positive relationships and gain confidence in each other, many of the pandemic-caused team performance difficulties will disappear.

Last year was specific. The pandemic of the new virus and the related restrictions affected the activities of companies from all industries. Employees whose physical presence at the company’s premises is not absolutely necessary do not see each other on a daily basis. They fell into remote work mode: constant communication through headphones and screens. Problems of isolation and non-integration of employees seemed minor at the start of the pandemic. Now they are among the most important factors disrupting the smooth operation of the company. It turns out that the tasks performed so far efficiently and quickly, under the new conditions are carried out by the same people for much longer. Fortunately, we can see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. And it’s high time to tackle the effects of home isolation by returning to corporate integration events. Below you can find a few ideas on how to do this

Team building, but how?

At the beginning, a few tips on how to plan the integration in your company properly. First of all, if we want to see its positive effects, we should tackle this task strategically. First, by examining the preferences of colleagues at work. However, I sincerely advise against parties in the style of “The Wolf of Wall Street movie.  A spree until the morning, with an open bar and memory lapses, is not enough to integrate the team. I suggest that you take a moment to think about the purpose of the integrational activities, and then plan their program. Therefore, we need to answer a few questions:

  • What people does your team consist of?

Young people would prefer something connected with challenge. They also like physical activity and emotional sensations experienced together. Senior staff would probably choose a more balanced integration, e.g. joint recreation, travel, exploring new places, facilities, crafts or culinary adventures.

  • What do you expect from an integrated team in our company?

This is a very important question. We want to integrate the team that is constantly in contact with clients as part of its tasks, differently when it solves problems creatively, and still differently when the work is imitative. It is worth remembering that good team integration is an event that is organized as a form of spending free time among colleagues; it is supposed to be pleasant for them, and at the same time – subtly but effectively, to meet the goals we care about.

Examples of good integrational events

It is good to choose an activity that is attractive to employees. I know it’s a truism, but it’s important. A lot of people just won’t come to boring parties, they shirk them for any reason. Well, in this case, how to integrate the team with an attractive event, effective in operation and preferably at a low cost? Here are some examples:


Workshop activities are a great form of integration for a small team. It is also a unique activity, difficult to repeat without the help of a specialized company. Workshops can be of different nature:

  1. Creative workshops – if you have a team whose members emphasize the need for self-realization, but do not find it in active competition – this is a great choice. Such workshops are relaxing and at the same time develop manually. Composing a forest in a jar, creating your own soap or bath salts, preparing Christmas gifts and decorations or pouring (a form of abstract, spontaneous painting that you can try without any painting skills):
  2. Thematic workshops, enriching knowledge about lifestyle and culture – are a choice for people who like to discover the world and broaden their horizons. It is also an excellent choice for employees with more experience who have high expectations. I can give you an example of wine, beer or whiskey tasting workshops, or thematic workshops that take place in specialized museums, factories or ateliers.
  3. Collaborative workshops, strictly focused on team building – most often found in the offers of team building companies – I leave this example of integration for the latter part of this article, because it is worth exploring a little bit more. Enough to say for now that it most strongly implements the goal of integrating the team into work, and is less related to fun (although it would be ideal for good fun to be combined with with team building). All  “relay races” and obstacle courses to be covered by competing teams belong to this category. This group also includes workshops with the use of competitive multiplayer games, requiring close cooperation from participants in order to achieve an overarching goal.

Speaking of games, we are entering the world of really demanding, but also the most engaging integrations.

City, field and other games

plansza do gry planszoej z czerwonymi pionkami

If you want to maintain high motivation in a young and dynamic team, choose the most interesting attractions for them. Let integration events for the Y generation have many options to choose from. Let it take the form of a game so they can win something. Simple but not so obvious, isn’t it?

Our company implements three types of integration games:

  1. An escape room game – it’s a very entertaining way to spend time together. You have to think about the puzzles a bit and rely on the deduction of other team members, because there is little time and a lot of tasks. If you choose one room for more folks, they will have to be divided into smaller groups. But thanks to this it will open up the possibility of comparing the results of the teams.
    2. City games – this is quite a wide topic, because the only limit in creating its scenario is your imagination. This form of integration allows you to learn about the company location’s environs, its genesis, history, mission, brand personality, core values and so on. It is interesting that city games are gaining more and more popularity. Especially now, when the pandemic has limited our ability to travel.
    3. Role-playing games – this is the type of game which involves the participants in some kind of fictional story. Moving in space is not as important as the actors – animators who play roles of specific characters. Here, an example can be a criminal puzzle, for the purpose of which employees play the role of investigators, and animators play the role of witnesses describing the case. After such integration, apart from vivid memories, there are also fantastic photos the result.
Team building is an essential tool to improve your company’s performance

I have only indicated a few options for integrating people returning to stationary work. Of course, there are many other attractive forms of spending time together, such as trips to unusual places, meetings with exceptional people, interactive theater performances, etc.

After the pandemic remote work will partly remain as an alternative form of working. For some employers it proves to be an attractive alternative, especially for those, who deal with the people’s complaints about lack of comfort in large open space offices. However, where the company’s tasks require cooperation, good communication and quick information sharing, teams will be happy to return to their original workplace. Their reintegration will prove to be an indispensable element of restoring the previous level of the company’s performance. Since good team building is not an easy matter, I recommend contacting specialized companies like us. Then you will get the appropriate benefit for your company from the integration, and not just spend money. You are strongly welcome to look through our portfolio.