Employee events

Team building is an important element of our offer. When designing
corporate integration events we use our natural human need for playing games, getting rewards and keeping social contacts. Our goal is to make every member of your team feel an important and valued individual in your company.

Employees and the company’s image

Are you surprised that we combine marketing services with events? The answer is simple: staff is your brand’s first ambassador. Builds an opinion about you knowing what is happening inside the organization. That is why the proper relationship with the team is really important. Badly motivated staff in conflict with each other harms the image of the company more than helps it. Fortunately, there are team building methods. Well-planned team building program supports internal communication, increases employee engagement and  understanding of the company’s code of rules. As a result, the team begins to appreciate the employer’s brand as its own.

Team building online

Today we are transferring events to the world of the Internet, because there is no efficient functioning without meetings, even virtual ones. Why is it worth investing in online integration during a pandemic? First, maintaining social ties is essential to the well-being of most of us. Secondly, cultivating good relations with employees and among themselves improves their motivation. After all, the awareness
that working from home does not mean being excluded from the team, everyone needs him now more than ever. If you want to know how to go about it to organize an integration meeting via the Internet, contact us. We will suggest what to do.

It’s time to act

We start by discussing the scope of your needs. Which team area needs the most attention? At this stage, we also estimate the approximate budget. Then we will prepare a framework proposal for you, usually in two variants. If you accept any of our ideas for valuable, we will create a detailed concept of integration activities. Do your staff like thematic events? If so, we will choose the appropriate theme. Do the team like to compete? We will use a competitive game. But the most important thing is the goal you want to achieve as an employer. Plan an intensive team rebuilding event for your employees after a period of home isolation.


Selected portfolio

We come from the event industry that requires great creativity. During several years of activity, we have completed a lot of orders, where the key aspects were the image of employers, team relations and group motivation. But we also create valuable marketing content, conduct public relations activities and publish in social media. Here are the most interesting examples of our projects: